Eko, the organic: a family passion

Company vocation is to promote organic agriculture as the best way to guarantee sustainable development with deep respect to our surrounding nature and to supply good and healthy food: we have been the first Fairtrade manufacturer in Europe of breadsticks and snacks made with quinoa flour.

Our production system, completely unique in Italy, maximizes the flavor of the ingredients and lends excellent fragrance and crunchiness to our products.

Our products are prepared with few healthy ingredients, carefully selected and sourced from certified organic producers and strictly GMO-free.

We use extra virgin olive oil in all our products,  a precious ingredient of the best Italian tradition, a rich source of antioxidants and monounsaturated fats, both of which are thought to protect cardiovascular health.

In the respect of the Italian tradition Eko has developed a new line, bioeko grissini & snacks, that are tasty, nutritionally balanced and made from the highest quality of wholesome ingredients. Nowadays bioeko is run by Alessandro, one of Eko founders, and his son Marco: the second generation has the same passion as always: health, taste and fragrance.

Picture of Alessandro Calderoni

Alessandro Calderoni

After a wide managerial career in Italy and abroad, Alessandro was already interested in environment protection and organic production in the early 1990s. He involved two friends, with whom he started the company Eko Srl.
He dedicated himself full time to the company and becoming a producer of high quality organic breadsticks which he exported in various European countries, developing tailor-made items for his main clients

Picture of Marco Calderoni

Marco Calderoni

Marco has a wide experience in the design and implementation of food education interventions in primary and secondary schools in Italy and in US. Together with Alessandro he developed strong skills in creating innovative product recipes tailored to specific clients’ needs.